Prepping and survival – an Interview

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Here at FamilyTent.Expert, we think that being prepared makes you enjoy life more without worrying all the time about what will happen. That’s why we asked Wild Bill from to tell us more about prepping and survival. Wild Bill is a veteran who proudly served in the Army, was a PSIA Certified Instructor in … Read more

Hiking and Camping with Small Kids – an Interview

camping with a 4 year old

Diane Vukovic is a mother of two and blogger with a real passion for camping and backpacking. She runs the blog where she shares her experience as a single parent with (now) two kids in the wilderness. She hopes that her experience will inspire other parents, especially mothers and daughters, to go hiking and camping. … Read more

Camping Checklist: Everything You Need for the Best Camping Trip Ever

family camping checklist

Camping can be a great opportunity for your family, or any other group, to relax, reconnect, and learn to work together. Unlike a lot of other vacation activities, camping requires the participants to collaborate to meet the basic needs of the group. On a camping trip, you will have to put together your own shelter, … Read more

Hiking and Overcrowding – an Interview

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Dustin Walker runs the blog Slick & Twisted Trails. He is a journalist-turned-marketer living in Nanaimo, B.C., Canada. He enjoys hiking with his wife, Shawneen, along Vancouver Island’s drenched west coast during storm season. Dustin has trudged up remote ruins in the mountains of Peru and roamed the villages of post-quake Nepal. Slick & Twisted Trails is a blog dedicated to backpackers who shun … Read more

Our First Full Time RV Trip – an Interview

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Meet Susan Strayer also known as ‘Mountain Mom,’ an outdoors enthusiast from Utah, mother of three, and author of the, a blog designed to encourage young families to explore the outdoors. Susan and her husband, James, (aka Mountain Dad), launched in September a one-year-long RV trip across North America along with their underage children. … Read more

Best 4 Season Tents – 2021

4-season tent 6 person

Looking for a true 4 season tent that you and your family can use hassle-free all year round? Just keep in mind that the best 4 season tents out there are those that have little to no mesh, are designed with the fourth season in mind (winter), but also manage to have good ventilation (for … Read more

Big Agnes Fly Creek HV UL Tent Reviews

big agnes fly creek hv ul tent

The backpacking tent market has exploded in recent years with tons of great products at constantly falling prices. As the technology and materials have greatly improved and design techniques have evolved, outdoor gear companies have diversified their offerings. Now, you can find excellent tent models in a surprisingly wide range of price points. In this … Read more

30 Best Outdoor and Camping Blogs 2021

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Spending your vacation camping or taking part in other outdoor activities can be a life-changing experience. Nevertheless, you will need expert knowledge of gear and innovative ideas to make it out there. In this article, we’ll inform you about the best outdoor and camping blogs. Best Outdoor and Camping Blogs The following selection of websites … Read more

Best 6 Person Tent Reviews 2021

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Make the most of 2021 with a camping adventure! To help you get started, we have closely analyzed and selected the best 6 person tent models of the entire year, most of them are rated best family tents for bad weather and rain. We have created individual presentations based on their quality, size, resistance, versatility, … Read more