Best Baby Beach Tent Reviews – 2021

There are few activities that provide as much laughter, fun, and lovely memories as beach-going does. If you’re a new parent, it’s a beautiful way to spend time with your baby while introducing them to the outside world. Still, you need to take the necessary precautions for your child to be safe in the sun, especially if they’re an infant. We’ve collected the best baby beach tent models you can try this year, all with effective UV protection. Pick yours below!

Top Picks: 5 Best Baby Beach Tent

Best Baby Beach Tent Reviews- 2021

best baby beach tent

It’s essential that you know the main specifications of the best baby beach tent you’re studying before you purchase it. We’ve provided the basics for every tent we reviewed below so you can get a better idea about them. We have included the unfolded and packed measurements of the baby beach tent we reviewed, weight, and UV protection rating for each, so take a quick look before you proceed.

10. Sport-Brella (BRE01-075) – Best Umbrella Baby Beach Tent

If you’re not looking for a full-sized tent, you may want to try an umbrella tent for the beach. An umbrella baby tent of this kind combines features from beach umbrellas and beach tent campings for an easy-to-use protection accessory. Out of all the options that are currently available online, the Sport-Brella (BRE01-075) is the best you can go for. It’s the 2nd best-selling Sun Shelter on Amazon, where it has a 4.4-star average rating and can be purchased for about $40.

best sport brella baby beach tent


  • 210D polyester canopy
  • 2 side panels with wind flaps
  • 5 mm steel ribs and 5 mm steel stretcher
  • 8 x steel ground stakes and 3 x 8′ tie-down cords
  • UPF 50+ for protection against UVA + UVB rays
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Design & Set Up

The Sport-Brella spreads out to a width of 8 feet when it’s open and packs down to 54” x 4”. If you place your order on Amazon, you can choose a blue, red or turquoise model. The umbrella tent features a flap on each side that goes down to the ground to ensure protection. Additionally, the side windows and top wind gust relief vents provide versatility depending on the weather. It takes around 5 minutes to set the Sport-Brella up.

Quality & Sturdiness

Aside from several quality control complaints, the Sport-Brella baby beach tent is praised by customers for its durability. Reports show that it withstands high winds, especially if you use the two anchor cords and ground stakes provided. However, you do need to install it in the opposing direction of the wind for the umbrella tent to function as expected. You can use the generous space under the Sport-Brella tent for a kiddie pool or low beach chairs.

  • Enough space for parents and babies
  • Holds up well in the wind
  • Folds into carry bag with ease
  • Fits two low-level beach chairs
  • #2 best-selling Sun Shelter on Amazon
  • Extended pole may be too short
  • Stakes are ineffective in sand
  • Poor quality control
Choose the Sport-Brella if you want the best umbrella baby beach tent. It’s large enough to use for your entire family and will perform well during windy days at the beach.

9. R • HORSE – Best Baby Beach Tent with Pool

For some users, the best tent for babies simply has to include a small pool for their little one. Thankfully, there are a number of baby beach tents with pools for infants. The R • HORSE tent is among the most accessible ones, with a current Amazon list price of just about $25. With a beach tent like the R • HORSE model, your baby can safely splash around in the water as you keep an eye on them.

best r horse baby beach tent


  • For ages 0-3
  • 27” x 21” pool measurements
  • 4 pegs and 1 fluorescent wristband included
  • 21” carry bag
  • 50+ UPF

Design & Set Up

The R • HORSE pool tent is suitable for babies up to 3 years old, as it measures 47.5 x 31.5 x 27.5 inches with a 27 x 21 inch pool. Also, the fluorescent wristband is a thoughtful gift the company provides in your package. The R • HORSE is a pop-up baby tent, so setup will be effortless. When folded down, the tent has a 21-inch diameter in its bag. Some complained about having difficulties when taking the tent down, but a video tutorial can help.

Quality & Sturdiness

For such an affordable tent, the R • HORSE presents surprising quality. In addition to the lightweight design and large space inside, the tent also has a 50+ UPF rating. Nevertheless, the R • HORSE pop-up baby beach tent isn’t recommended for unfavorable weather conditions. If you’re facing a windy day, there’s a good chance it won’t resist that much. It can also get pretty stuffy inside during super hot days, so you may want to get a battery-operated fan.

  • Pool allows baby to play in water
  • Pop-up assembly
  • Lightweight
  • Very affordable (less than $30)
  • Larger than most would expect
  • Difficult to get in bag
  • May get hot inside
  • Poor performance in wind
Purchase the R • HORSE model if you want the best baby beach tent with a pool in an affordable price range. Its 2-in-1 functionality at such a low price point makes it one of the best value baby tents you can enjoy.

8. WolfWise – Best Baby Beach Tent with Two Doors

The majority of beach tents for babies have an opening on one side. Still, you may want extra ventilation during remarkably hot days. In this case, you should choose a dual-door model. There aren’t that many baby beach tents with two doors, but the WolfWise tent fits the profile perfectly. Not only is it airy, but it’s also durable and spacious, making it great for multi-toddler families. Currently, you can buy it for approximately $40 on Amazon.

best wolfwise baby beach tent


  • Dual door design
  • 190T waterproof polyester fabrics
  • 4 sand pockets
  • Stainless aluminum alloy frame
  • 50+ UV protection
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Design & Set Up

We obviously chose the WolfWise tent for its double door structure. In addition, the model’s design features a mesh window on each side. As a result, your baby enjoys an abundance of ventilation and comfort. As with most of the best baby beach tent models we reviewed, the WolfWise has 50+ UPF for extra safety. Also, the tent can fit up to three toddlers, so you’re in luck if you have more than one baby. Setup is instantaneous, thanks to the pop-up design.

Quality & Sturdiness

When putting the WolfWise back in its travel bag, we recommend folding it down with caution. Not only do some users have a hard time breaking it down, but it’s also reported that the connecting piece is weak. Once you do get it packed up, you can easily wear the carry bag as a backpack. Aside from that, the 190T polyester material should resist throughout time. There also aren’t any complaints regarding wind resistance.

  • Plenty of airflow
  • Fits around 3 toddlers
  • Pop-up design
  • Full-sized doors
  • Backpack-like travel bag
  • Tricky to fold back
  • Fragile connecting pieces
  • Short return window
We suggest getting the WolfWise model if you want the best baby beach tent from a ventilation viewpoint. Your baby won’t get too hot even during the toughest summer days.

7. Overcrest – Best Full Mesh Baby Beach Tent

Depending on the beach you’re visiting, you may have a hard time dealing with bugs. Some areas are full of mosquitos and can leave your little one’s skin full of bumps. If you know the region you’re traveling to has an issue of this kind, you need to seek the best baby beach tent with extra UV protection. There’s no better model in this category than the Overcrest tent. Available for around $40 on Amazon, the Overcrest model has a full mesh cover.

best overcrest baby beach tent


  • 190T nylon fabric
  • Full B3 mesh screen
  • .4 mm fiberglass rod
  • UV protection – 50+
  • 2 tent pegs included
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Design & Set Up

The Overcrest tent was designed to provide thorough sun protection for your infant. Featuring a full coverage B3 mesh screen, your baby will be shielded from insects at all times while enjoying ventilation. The 190T nylon fabric of this tent should last a long time, although we do recommend bringing appropriate padding for the bottom of the tent. If you have any troubles folding it back in its case, all you have to do is watch a quick YouTube video.

Quality & Sturdiness

Rarely can you find negative feedback regarding the Overcrest tent. Aside from fold-back troubles, customers are absolutely thrilled with their lightweight, portable, and protective tent. The model is particularly effective for families that are traveling long distances – you can replace an entire playpen with the tent. If you’re facing a notably windy day at the beach, simply use the two tent pegs included in your purchase to pitch it in the sand.

  • Complete protection from bugs
  • Super lightweight (less than 1 pound)
  • Instant setup
  • Great for traveling
  • Can be used as a playpen replacement
  • No padding on floor
  • Challenging to fold up
  • Poorly-written instructions
Choose the Overcrest tent if you require the best baby beach tent in terms of protection. Your child won’t be exposed to any insects while getting plenty of airflow. Also, the model is ideal for traveling families.

6. FBSPORT – Best Baby Beach Tent with Front Space

For your baby, fun in the sun also means play time. You can’t expect your infant to be as entertained as you are at the beach without the help of toys. In this situation, it would be nice to have some extra space for your baby to play. The solution is the approximately $33 FBSPORT model – the best baby beach tent with additional room in the front. Thanks to the extensive space, you can switch from inside to outside the tent for playing with your child.

best fbsport baby beach tent


  • Fits 3 children or 2 adults
  • Maximum UV protection
  • Built-in storage pocket
  • Mesh screen area in back
  • 65” x 60” x 43” measurements
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Design & Set Up

FBSPORT has designed one of the best baby beach tent models for the whole family. It can accommodate as many as three children or two adults at a time. If you want a smaller model, you can choose the ~ $27 baby version on the Amazon product page. You can also choose from green, teal, and blue shades. With a 43” height, it also works as a makeshift changing room. The model has sand bags on each side, as well as six pegs for stability.

Quality & Sturdiness

As with most pop-up baby beach tents, the FBSPORT can prove to be a challenge when taking it down. It’s yet another situation in which a video tutorial can work wonders. Another minor drawback is the lack of extra ventilation, as the model has no windows on the side. The quality of the tent itself appears to be satisfying, although the pegs aren’t very effective in soft sand. We recommend filling the sand bags up for safe fun during windy days.

  • Additional play space in front
  • Generous room
  • Shade all around
  • Can also be used for changing clothes
  • Easy to maintain
  • Closing difficulties
  • Lack of side windows restricts airflow
  • Stakes ineffective in soft sand
Buy the FBSPORT tent if you’re looking for extra play space on a safe mat. The model is suitable for small families that want to use the tent at the same time while benefiting from sun protection.

5. Shade Shack (SS0200) – Best Baby Beach Tent for Families

Speaking of families, what if you want to enjoy beach time with multiple members? You need to search for the best baby beach tent with a lot of space and a good center height. The Shade Shack SS0200 model saves the day with amazing dimensions – 90” x 53” 51”. Thanks to its extensive measurements, both parents and additional children can all fit underneath. It can cost anywhere from $50-$70 on Amazon, depending on the size chosen.

best shade shack ss0200 baby beach tent


  • Canopy-style family beach tent
  • Pop-up design
  • 90-inch width
  • Large mesh windows
  • Sand pockets and stakes included

Design & Set Up

At 7.5 feet wide and 4.41 feet tall, the Shade Shack beach tent is ideal for families with children. You can buy yours in blue and yellow or blue and red in large or x-large sizes. The model weighs roughly 5 pounds, making it the heaviest beach tent on our list (aside from the Sport-Brella). It won’t be difficult to carry, but it may not be the best choice if you’re traveling via airplane. You should also know that one side is permanently exposed.

Quality & Sturdiness

While the lack of flooring can be a drawback for some, it has the advantage of not picking up sand when leaving the beach. It also allows your toddler to play in the sand freely. The fabrics are reported to be durable and effective at blocking the sun, even though the UPF rating is slightly lower than competitors (30+). The model does a fantastic job of withstanding harsh winds, thanks to the large sand pockets and stakes.

  • Suitable for the whole family
  • Very spacious
  • Performs well in windy conditions
  • Back side can fully zip up
  • Band trusted by customers
  • Heavier than most other beach tents
  • Lower UV protection (30 UPF)
  • One side exposed at all times
We suggest you try the Shade Shack tent if you need the best baby beach tent for a larger family. You will have more than enough space for all members, as well as room for your personal belongings. If you also want to go on a camping trip with your loved ones, we recommend checking out our guide for the best tent for family of 4.

4. bblüv Nidö (B0102) – Best Beach Play Tent for Babies

Remember what we said earlier about keeping babies entertained on the beach? The most effective way to do so is to get the best baby beach tent that doubles as a playpen. It’s even better when the model comes with a few toys included. In this regard, we recommend the bblüv Nidö play tent, available in the $100 price range on Amazon. Indeed, it will cost more than your standard lightweight pop-up, but the versatility is worth the investment.

best bbluv nido b0102 baby beach tent


  • Playpen frame
  • Removable mattress
  • Retractable mesh screen
  • SPF 50+ anti-UV coating
  • 3 toys included
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Design & Set Up

With the bblüv Nidö, you basically get two items in one – a baby beach tent and a playpen. The model is quite spacious for an infant, allowing the parent to store smaller belongings along the side. Still, it packs down to just 16 x 6.3 inches, with a total weight of 3.2 pounds. You can keep or remove the padding provided, as you prefer. Possibly the nicest part about the play tent is the arch with toys – they’re sure to keep your baby visually stimulated.

Quality & Sturdiness

In spite of its $100 price point, the bblüv Nidö reportedly uses weak fabrics. Several customers mentioned that the bottom part torn with ease, even with proper use. It’s also said that it can get pretty hot inside, so think about adding a portable fan to your cart before checkout. The design and engineering, however, are all top quality, with a smart structure that is suitable for both outside and in your home. You can also use it when camping, or you can look into other best instant tent options too.

  • Lots of space inside
  • High quality design
  • Great value package
  • Outdoor and indoor convenience
  • Folds down to compact size
  • Most expensive best baby beach tent on our list
  • Delicate fabrics
  • Can get hot inside
Pick the Nidö model from bblüv if you’re seeking the best baby beach tent to keep your little one entertained. The toys included are a nice touch on behalf of the manufacturer, while the dome structure is effective for beach use.

3. Sunba Youth – Best Baby Beach Tent on a Budget

Even though most of the best baby beach tent models are affordable, some beach-goers may be really tight on cash. If you’re in this situation, we’re happy to say that we’ve found an incredibly inexpensive model that performs wonderfully. Not only is the Sunba Youth tent accessible for all, but it’s also a baby beach tent with a pool. While its price varies on Amazon, it’s like the Sunba Youth model will cost less than $25 at any given time.

best sunba youth baby beach tent


  • Tent and pool design
  • Detachable sun shade
  • Pop-up design
  • Full UV protection (50+ UPF)
  • 2 integrated storage pockets
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Design & Set Up

We were surprised to see just how many designs benefits the affordable Sunba Youth model has. Firstly, you can pick blue, orange or green for your product. Secondly, the tent has a built-in kiddie pool so your baby can have fun in a bit of water. As if those weren’t enough, the top part can also be detached and used as a stand-alone canopy. It’s a terrific feature if your baby wants to play with toys in the sand. The tent is sets up automatically (pop-up).

Quality & Sturdiness

Owing to the remarkable versatility, we believe the Sunba Youth tent is a true bang for your buck. Some parts of the model may not be extremely durable (zipper and anchors), but they should generally serve their purpose well. Aside from the astounding deal you get with the tent, you also enjoy friendly and practical customer support from the Sunba Youth team. If you encounter any quality control problems, you will be taken care of accordingly.

  • Cheapest best baby beach tent
  • Adaptable design
  • Baby pool included
  • Amazing value for the money
  • Excellent customer service
  • Folds down with difficulty
  • Weak anchors
  • Flimsy zipper
We whole-heartedly recommend the Sunba Youth as the best baby beach tent if your budget is limited. You get more than enough value for the money you spend – an adaptable tent that will keep your child safe and happy on the beach.

2. Fun In The Sun – Best Value Baby Beach Tent

On this note, we want to introduce you to one of the best value options currently on the market. It’s always enjoyable when a brand throws in a goodie or two in addition to your main product. As far as baby beach tents are concerned, an item like a foldable water bucket is just what you need to make the experience complete. You can buy the Fun In The Sun tent and pool model for just about $42 on Amazon, where it has a high 4.6-star average rating.

best baby beach tent


  • Tent and baby pool design
  • Foldable water bucket and 4 pegs included
  • For babies ages 0 to 3
  • Back window with flap
  • UPF 50+ UV protection

Design & Set Up

You get loads of value with the Fun In the Sun Tent. It includes a built-in kiddie pool that can be easily removed if you want to use it on its own. You also get a cute collapsible bucket for filling the pool with water without any hassle. The design features a mesh window in the back with a flap, while the tent comes with four pegs for stability. Furthermore, the pop-up Fun In The Sun tent can be purchased in either a blue or pink-purple shade.

Quality & Sturdiness

Even though you can stake the tent down in the sand, it’s reported that the pegs aren’t top quality. Additionally, the bucket might not stand up straight, but it shouldn’t be an issue for carrying water to the pool. There are also a few negative reports of wind resistance. However, if you install the provided pegs, all should be well. All in all, the portable and versatile tent should meet all of your basic needs and more when visiting the beach.

  • Best value baby tent package
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Flooring can be removed
  • Storage pockets
  • Tent is exactly as advertised
  • Hard to fold down
  • Buckets stands up with difficulty
  • Rather flimsy in the wind
If you’re all about value when it comes to your purchases, the Fun In The Sun tent is definitely for you. The included bucket will definitely come in handy if you plan on using the kiddie pool part of the tent.

1. Schylling (2166) – Best Baby Beach Tent of 2021

In order for a model to be awarded the best baby beach tent of the year, it had to meet a series of mandatory requirements. The tent had to shine in the quality department, all while solving common problems like difficulties when folding down. After thorough research, we found the Schylling (2166) model to be the best of them all. Currently with an Amazon price of approximately $40, the Schylling tent is sure to exceed your expectations.

best schylling 2166 baby beach tent


  • 51 inches wide and 31 inches tall
  • 46-pound weight
  • Mesh screen with roll up cover in back
  • SPF 50+
  • Pegs and sand pockets
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Design & Set Up

The Schylling tent is among the most beloved infant tents on Amazon, with hundreds of 5-star reviews from happy users. It’s actually one of the only best baby beach tent models that didn’t have a multitude of fold-down complaints to it. Customers compliment it for being almost as easy to take down as it is to set up. Due to the dark blue fabrics, it might get a little stuffy inside during exceptionally hot days. Nevertheless, a clip-on fan will do the trick.

Quality & Sturdiness

You wouldn’t expect to get that much life out of a beach tent. Notwithstanding, the Schylling tent delivers amazing quality and is praised for withstanding years and years of use. At just 1.46 pounds, the Schylling model is incredibly lightweight. According to reports, it’s great at blocking sand and it also has proven to be resistant through harsh winds. We do recommend taking caution when staking the tent down so you don’t damage the straps.

  • Perfect for breastfeeding in privacy
  • Weighs less than 1 ½ pounds
  • Effectively blocks sand
  • Easy to set up and pull down
  • Long product life
  • Can get hot due to darker color
  • Pegs may not perform well in sand
  • Flimsy straps
Want the #1 best baby beach tent of the year? Select the Schylling tent without hesitation. It’s a favorite among customers for its product quality, protection, and overall effectiveness as a reliable shade for infants.


In summary, the best baby beach tent all depends on what you look for in one. Do you need a model to fit the entire family? Would you prefer a design with an integrated pool? Are you interested in a tent that folds down to a specific size? All of these aspects need to be taken into consideration before you make your final buying decision. You can choose any of the tents we’ve covered while resting assured that your little one will be safe and entertained.

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  2. The reason I really love the Schylling baby beach tent is because I need the privacy for breastfeeding my newborn. My new son was just born in July, and I am not comfortable with breastfeeding in public. This tent is perfect for that.

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