Best Instant Tents – 2021

Wouldn’t it be great if you could set up a 4- or 6-person family tent by yourself in minutes?

Stay safe and dry during your next camping trip!

We gathered 10 of the best instant tents on the market in 2021 and analyzed their materials, waterproof rating, and construction.

Top Picks: 5 Best Instant Tents

What are the Best Instant Tents in 2021?

Below you can find the best instant tents of the year that will improve your family camping experience. We have included the best small (1-2 people) and cabin (6-10 people) instant tents that are easy to set up by yourself and can handle bad weather.

On top of that, they are also among the most affordable instant tent for their quality range.

10. Coleman Dark Room Sundome 10 – Best Instant Tents Brand for Camping

This product is made by one of the best brand of instant tents, Coleman, and can fit up to 10 people, making it one of the best instant tents for large families or group of friends.

Once you get the gang together and pack your warm-weather camping essentials, you need a tent you can count on to block the merciless sun. The Coleman Dark Room Sundome 10 was the #5 best-selling Family Camping Tent at the moment of writing.

Although it has a fairly high list price of about $400, it’s roomy, durable, and easy to set up by yourself.

best Coleman Dark Room instant tents


  • 6’7” center height
  • 1000D polyethylene floor
  • Dark room technology
  • 35+ mph wind resistance
  • Coleman WeatherTec system

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Design & Set Up

With a large 14 x 10 footprint and a center height of 6’7”, this Coleman tent can comfortably accommodate 10 campers, which makes it one of the roomiest instant tents on the market.

Thanks to the pre-attached poles, you’ll only need around 60 seconds to either install or take down the tent. Coleman has incorporated dark room technology into the tent’s design, which efficiently blocks 90% of sunlight. This makes it ideal for beach camping.

The model also comes with a convenient, box-shaped carry bag that fits well into car trunks.

Quality & Sturdiness

The Coleman Dark Room Sundome 10 was specifically designed for warm-weather camping. You enjoy plenty of ventilation on all sides, but also through the top section of the tent. The sturdy frame can reportedly resist winds of more than 35 mph.

Still, due to the fact that you can’t zip the windows up, the tent isn’t recommended for chilly autumn weather. If you do end up in a surprise summer storm, make sure you attach the rainfly provided to protect against bad weather.

  • Terrific ventilation
  • Effectively blocks sunlight
  • 1 minute to set up or take down
  • Spacious interior
  • 5th best-selling Family Camping Tent on Amazon
  • Windows cannot be zipped up
  • Rainfly required for bad weather
  • Suitable only for warm weather camping
The Coleman Dark Room Sundome 10 is one of the best instant tents for camping with a 6+ family during long summer days.
You have lots of space for storing camping gear, all while enjoying sun-blocking technology. If camping during the rainy season, we recommend looking for another model.

9. Gazelle T4 22272 – Best Instant Tents for 4 People

What if you want to go camping but don’t require that much space? There are numerous 4-person tents that you can look into, suitable for families of four or couples with lots of gear. From where we stand, the best instant tent 4 person model that you can instantly set up is the Gazelle T4 22272. If you order it on Amazon, you’ll pay around $280 at most, but you might be lucky enough to find the model on sale.

best Gazelle T4 instant tents


  • 90-second installation
  • 61 sq. ft. floor space
  • 5-foot center height
  • 2-door design
  • Fully removable floor panel

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Design & Set Up

The Gazelle T4 has an awesome hub design that’s just as beautiful as it is practical. With a generous center height of 78 inches, even the tallest users can stand up straight inside this instant tent. In addition, the YKK zippers are resistant to jamming and breakage. One particular design aspect that you should keep in mind is that this small family tent is very tall when packed (about 5.5”). Consequently, it may not be adequate when traveling in a smaller vehicle.

Quality & Sturdiness

For the price, you receive amazing value with the Gazelle T4. As opposed to most instant tents with tarp-like floors, this model has a durable polyester floor that you can fully remove for cleaning up sand or dirt. Gazelle has designed the tent with fiberglass poles and full-metal hubs, so sturdiness won’t be an issue. You should, however, consider purchasing a pack of extra stakes, as some customers reported that they feel pretty flimsy.

  • Outstanding value tent
  • Room to stand up
  • Multiple storage pockets
  • Rugged zippers
  • Detachable floor withstands water
  • Very long when packed
  • Poorly-made stakes
  • Fabric may tear easily
Buy the Gazelle T4 22272 tent if you’re searching for the best instant tents for 4-person families. The overall value you enjoy is incredible for the low price you pay. If you want to take a look at similar instant tent models, check out our other best tent for family of 4 recommendations.

8. Ozark Trail 6 – Best Cabin Instant Tents for 6 People

If a 4-person tent is too small but a 10-person one is too big, you’re best off shopping for a 6-person model. There’s a large market for tents that fall under this category, but we support the Ozark Trail 6 as one of the best instant tent 6 person models. Equipped with several storage options and a sturdy rainfly, the cabin-style tent is versatile and practical. On Amazon, you can currently get the Ozark Trail 6 for a little over $100.

best ozark trail 6 instant tents


  • 10 x 9 footprint
  • Dark Rest technology
  • 3-window design
  • 60-second setup
  • Gear organizer and hanging loft included

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Design & Set Up

Similar to the Coleman Sundome we talked about, the Ozark Trail 6 uses darkroom technology to protect campers from heavy sunlight. Consumer reports conclude that, even though the entire tent is lined with black fabric on the inside, you won’t experience overheating. The model features a 10 x 9 footprint and a 5.5’ center height, weighing only a total of 20 pounds. It takes only 60 seconds to set up, even if you’re a young or short user, making it one of the easiest tents to set up by yourself.

Quality & Sturdiness

Thanks to the 3-window design, you benefit from cross-ventilation when they’re zipped down. Customers were surprised to find out just how durable the Ozark Trail 6 was, actually withstanding 50 mph winds. Even though you may wake up with some dew on the inner walls of the tent, you shouldn’t worry about leakage if a rainstorm catches you off guard. The only quality issue seems to be with the zippers, which may not be quite that resistant.

  • Cool and dark for sunny days
  • Very sturdy in high winds
  • Great cross-ventilation
  • Rain protection
  • Easy to fold up
  • Flimsy zippers
  • Can get cold at night
  • Dew tends to form on the walls
If you require a tent that cozily fits 6 people, the Ozark Trail 6 is one of the best instant tents you can get without sabotaging your camping budget. Owing to the genuinely sturdy frame, it’s a fine choice for sunlight, wind, and rain protection.
You can also check out our best 6 person tent buying guide for more inspiration.

7. Eurmax BAS10PWT – Best Instant Canopy Tents

Although customers typically buy tents for camping, not everyone requires one for discovering the great outdoors. In fact, canopy tents are highly popular for summer events, such as weddings, fairs, or festivals. If you long for a canopy tent that won’t make you lose an hour setting it up, the Eurmax BAS10PWT is an excellent choice. The tall Eurmax model has a price range of $250-$400 on Amazon, where it’s the 3rd best selling item in its category.

best Eurmax BAS10PWT instant tents


  • 1’ max. center height
  • 10’ x 10’ pop-up frame
  • 3 height positions
  • 400D polyester top (95% UV protection)
  • Bonus weight bags included

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Design & Set Up

The Eurmax canopy tent is a dream come true for vendors who often attend outdoor events. After popping the tent up, you can adjust the height to one of three positions: 10.5 ft., 10.8 ft., 11.1 ft. You also have tabs on the top front side for hanging banners. With a weight of 70 pounds, the canopy tent will indeed be challenging to carry. Nevertheless, the Eurmax has thoughtfully equipped the storage case with wheels so you can pull it along.

Quality & Sturdiness

When first using the tent, you’ll be blown away by its sturdiness. Users have praised it for standing strong even in harsh thunderstorms, all while guarding the contents. The 400D polyester fabric not only protects 95% of UV rays, but it also keeps you cool inside, owing to the fact that it’s white. Nonetheless, it may not have a very long product life. The fabric is reportedly prone to stains and tears, while the legs and zippers are of inferior quality.

  • Perfect for outdoor events
  • Withstands heavy rain and winds
  • Flattering light for products
  • Wheeled bag for easy transportation
  • #5 top-selling Canopy on Amazon
  • Height specs may be misleading
  • Roof stains easily
  • Short product life
Purchase the Eurmax model if you require a canopy tent that protects both you and your products regardless of weather conditions. If yours does end up breaking ahead of time, we have noticed that Eurmax customer support is quick offer replacements.

6. Columbia Fall River – Best Instant Tents for Families

Camping with your family is one of the most enjoyable bonding experiences you could have. Still, if you’re a parent camping with a spouse and several kids, you’ll need a large tent. Quality-wise, you can’t get any better than the Columbia Fall River. Designed by the widely appreciated Columbia Sportswear company, the Fall River is advertised as a 10-person tent. At the moment, this family instant tent costs between $350 and $400 on Amazon, depending on the seller.

best Columbia Fall River instant tents


  • 2-room, 2-door design
  • 10-person model
  • 15 x 10 footprint
  • 150D polyester
  • Omni-Shield protection

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Design & Set Up

Room isn’t an issue with the Columbia Fall River instant tent, as it has a 15 x 10 footprint. The tent has a cabin two-room design, with a door on each end. There are endless possibilities for maximizing the space potential at hand. For example, small families can turn the second room into a makeshift kitchen or lounge. You can even go camping with another family if there aren’t too many members. As a result of the pop-up structure, installation is a breeze.

Here’s a video that demonstrates how easy it is to set up this large family tent:

Quality & Sturdiness

Columbia and quality are almost synonymous terms. The fabrics used for the Fall River instant tent have a 150D 68-denier 190T rating, making them extremely durable. Compared to other models, you won’t have to replace any stakes or poles to ensure that the Fall River family tent is sturdy. The only apparent shortcoming seems to be the lack of heat preservation. To put it otherwise, the abundant ventilation makes the model inappropriate for cold-weather camping.

  • Extended capacity
  • High-quality fabrics
  • Remarkably sturdy
  • Fantastic ventilation
  • Lots of headroom
  • Not appropriate for cold weather
  • Quite heavy
  • Won’t be enough room for 10 people + gear
We recommend the Columbia Fall River as the best family instant tent, regardless of how many members yours has. You will have more than enough space during your camping trip while you enjoy a sturdy, premium quality tent that’s sure to have a long life.

5. CORE Equipment Instant Dome 4 – Best Instant Dome Tents

Avid campers know that two brands dominate the instant tents market: Coleman and CORE. They also know that dome models have superior durability in shaky weather conditions. While both companies make fine dome instant tents, the CORE Equipment Instant Dome 4 has a few advantages over the Coleman model. Before we go into detail about the model’s benefits, you should know that it has a current list price of about $120 on Amazon.

best core equipment instant tents


  • 30-second setup
  • Pre-assembled pop-up frame
  • H20 block technology
  • 9 x 7 floor plan
  • Adjustable air vents

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Design & Set Up

For a 4-person tent, the 9 x 7 CORE Instant Dome is quite commodious. In other words, you can actually fit a family of four in the tent. While the 4.5’ center height will have taller camper crouching, the dome silhouette is great for windy camping days. With a 12.1-lb. weight, the CORE dome tent is notably lightweight, but unfortunately not light enough for backpackers. What truly makes the CORE instant tent sparkle is its setup – you’ll have it up and ready in 30 seconds!

See the video below to find out how easy it is to set up this small family tent:

Quality & Sturdiness

While the CORE Instant Dome is indeed sturdy and weatherproof, there are some quality concerns that need to be addressed. There are multiple complaints regarding the poor quality of the screen and fabrics, whether they’re manufacturing defects or easy tears. In addition, CORE seems to have a well-known problem with its zippers. Therefore, we recommend handling them with patience to prevent zipper jams on the outer fabric folds.

However, user GK noted in the comments of this article that they have no complaints regarding the materials of this tent.

  • Excellent value for the money
  • Lightweight (12.1 pounds)
  • Fastest assembly
  • Balanced ventilation
  • Great for stargazing
  • Bad zipper design
  • Low-quality materials
  • Poor QA
We encourage you to try the CORE Equipment Instant Dome 4 if you’re searching for a reliable dome tent. Its one of the best instant tents in its class, with benefits like effective waterproofing, immediate setup, and generally wonderful value.

4. Coleman Instant Cabin 8 – Best Instant Cabin Tents

Although CORE may have been the star of our dome tent selection, Coleman easily takes the cake in terms of cabin tents. The brand is often praised for its line of cabin tents, especially for its larger instant ones. As a result, we have no doubts when recommending the Coleman Instant Cabin 8 as the top choice for the cabin category. If you buy the tent on Amazon, you can get a new one starting from approximately $270.

best Coleman instant tents


  • 5’ center height
  • 14 x 10 floor plan
  • 7-window design
  • 2 doors
  • Detachable divider

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Design & Set Up

The Coleman instant tent is marketed as an 8-person model, which means that room won’t be an issue. Aside from a marvelous 14 x 10 footprint, you also have a huge center height of 6.5’. Another cool feature is the removable divider. You can either enjoy your tent as one large area or separate it into two rooms, without any permanent floor separation. This instant tent has a total of 7 big windows, making it a gem for summer camping.

Quality & Sturdiness

Don’t let the great ventilation fool you – the Coleman cabin instant tent is as sturdy as it can be. Nevertheless, long-time customers state that the company doesn’t quite make quality tents like they used to. For instance, the poles appear to be difficult to handle, an aspect that wasn’t an issue with their previous models. As a side note, we strongly recommend that you also purchase a rainfly and tarp for extra weather protection.

  • Lots of space
  • Ventilation all around
  • 2-room option (not mandatory)
  • No condensation
  • Top-notch customer service
  • Poorly-designed poles
  • Rainfly not included
  • Inferior quality compared to previous models
Order the Coleman Instant Cabin 8 if you want to enjoy one of the best instant cabin tents. You’ll benefit from space in abundance, choosing whether you want your tent to have one or two rooms. If you ever have any troubles with yours, you know that you can count on Coleman’s customer support department for assistance.

3. Pacific Breeze FBA_PBT-001-BLU – Best Instant Tents for Beaches

The best-selling Pacific Breeze instant tent is just what you need to stay safe during a beach camping trip. You can buy it for around $70 on Amazon, where it has an impressive 4.7-star rating, making it one of the best cheap instant tents currently on the market in 2021.

best Pacific Breeze instant tents


  • UPF 50+ sun protection
  • Interior pockets for item storage
  • Exterior pockets for sandbags
  • 40” x 5” x 5” travel size
  • 45-pound weight

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Design & Set Up

The assembly process of this instant tent is effortless. You literally have to pull on a rope and the whole tent pops into place. Taking it down requires the same, one-pull mechanism. As for the design, this instant tent tent is perfect for one or two beach-goers, although space might be a bit tight for chairs and luggage. However, you can keep any valuable items in the built-in storage pockets. Another improvement for future instant tents from this brand would be a privacy flap on the exposed side.

Quality & Sturdiness

For a beach tent, the Pacific Breeze instant tent has high-quality fabrics. It also has a surprising resistance to high winds. The flexible poles, though, may break at one point. Here’s where the company’s main advantage comes in – their customer service is stellar. Not only do they follow up with all customers to see if they’re satisfied with their purchase, but they will immediately send out a replacement tent if necessary.

  • Single-pull setup
  • Stays up in high winds
  • Reliable shade/ protection
  • Spectacular customer support from Pacific Breeze
  • 6th best-selling item in the Sun Shelters Amazon category
  • May break easily
  • Not that much room
  • One side fully exposed
You should consider buying the Pacific Breeze instant tent if you want to stay safe while having fun in the sun. It’s the third best pop up tent you could buy in 2021.  

2. Night Cat – Best Instant Tents for Backpacking

Backpacking is a brilliant way to discover your surroundings and get in touch with nature, but it requires a specific class of equipment. Your tent should be as light as possible, while still maintaining a durable structure. If you want to save time while hiking, get the Night Cat – one of the best instant tents for backpacking. It only costs around $60 on Amazon, making it one of the most affordable backpacking tents to hit the trail with.


  • Setup with hydraulic mechanism
  • 2-door construction
  • 210D Oxford fabric PU3000 floor
  • B3 mesh and 210D Oxford fabrics interior
  • Waterproof up to up to 2000mm

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Design & Set Up

The Night Cat instant tent has a total weight of just 8 pounds. Although it may not be the lightest of backpacking tents, it has the added convenience of automatic setup. The model features a hydraulic pressure system that makes the tent pop into place without effort. If you’re an enthusiastic backpacker, you’ll appreciate that you can keep your strength for the rest of your travels. Also, the 2-door design makes for easy access on any side.

This video shows a kid setting up the Night Cat tent – it’s that easy!

Quality & Sturdiness

As one of the top best-selling Backpacking Tents on Amazon with a 4.3-star rating, you can expect the Night Cat model to deliver customer satisfaction. It’s an adaptable tent that even includes a standalone rainfly you can use as a pavilion for staying in the shade. One particular aspect that may be disappointing is the space. If you want to include a mattress in the tent, for example, a queen size model will barely fit, leaving no room for belongings.

  • Weighs only 8 pounds
  • Automatic installation
  • Easy access to both sides
  • Rainfly can be used separately
  • Affordable model
  • Very small model
  • Cheap zippers
  • Quality control problems
If you’re looking for one of the best instant tents for backpacking, you should test the Night Cat model. It’s highly affordable, lightweight, and perfect for venturing into the wilderness. Additionally, it helps you save your strength through the instantaneous setup.

1. CORE Equipment Instant Cabin 9 – Best Instant Tents of 2021

Wouldn’t it be amazing if there were a tent that really had it all? Well, thankfully, there is – the CORE Equipment Instant Cabin 9. This CORE instant tent features everything you could want from a pop-up tent, from space to height, ventilation, sturdiness, and even inner structure options. CORE’s Instant Cabin 9 is one of the best-selling instant tents in the Family Camping Tents category on Amazon, where you can buy it for around $250.

best core equipment instant tents


  • 9-person capacity
  • 2 rooms with removable divider
  • 6-foot ceiling height
  • 14 x 9 footprint
  • Integrated frame system

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Design & Set Up

If you’re fond of fair-weather camping, you’ll instantly fall in love with the 9-person CORE tent as it’s one of the best instant family tents for bad weather. It has a full mesh roof and windows all around, providing exceptional ventilation from all angles. If you remove the rainfly and zip all the windows down, you’ll feel just like in a screen room. Also, if preferred, the huge 14 x 9 floor can be separated in two rooms. Due to the 14’ length, two people are needed to set the tent up, but it will only take one minute.

Quality & Sturdiness

CORE Equipment is known for designing high-quality tents. Their signature H20 block technology is also effective for preventing condensation or leaks. Nonetheless, there are some potential flaws you should be aware of. The floor material is very thin, so you should think about adding a heavy-duty tarp to your order. In addition, the thorough ventilation makes this tent inadequate for chilly weather. Other than that, this instant tent is the absolute best instant tent you could get in 2021 according to our research.

  • Extensive ventilation
  • Versatile room design
  • Spacious and tall
  • Prevents condensation
  • 3rd best-selling Amazon Family Camping Tent
  • Not great for cold weather
  • Thin floor material
  • Weak zipper
Out of all the best instant tents we reviewed, the CORE Equipment Instant Cabin 9 effortlessly comes out on top. It has all the qualities required for a long-lasting tent for families of 6+ members, with sales and positive feedback to support its quality.


In summary, the best instant tents for your camping trip are made by Coleman, CORE, Night Cat, and other best-rated instant tent brands. Before you add a certain model to your cart and proceed to checkout, consider the purpose of the instant tent, how many people it should fit, and the temperature range you will use it in. Also, don’t forget about a high-quality tarp, maybe some mattresses, and an extra set of stakes.

Which model is your favorite? Do you prefer a small, compact instant tent, or a cabin-style, roomy one?

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  1. I was in an urgent need of a quality family tent, I had to get a recommendation from a friend. Gazelle T4 is worth it, both in standard, swift installation and comfortability.
    I think I’ll get one more for my little cousins, they deserve this.
    Nice product i must commend.

  2. Columbia Fall River has got good shield that stood a test of time.
    Two room is quite conducive for me and my household.
    I think it will serve a good outdoor purpose.
    Thanks a lot.

  3. I use The Coleman Dark Room Sundome 10 tent for camping and I cannot say enough good things about it. It is a hassle-free tent and I highly recommend this one out of the others. The convenience of it is amazing, and it’s strong too! If you are encountering winds or rain, or both, you’ll be protected nicely.

  4. People, stay away from the Eurmax tent. It is not only made out of really cheap materials, but it’s a pain to put together. I am not sure why this particular tent made it onto this list. There is absolutely nothing good about it!

    • Hi, Danielle,

      Thank you for sharing your opinion. We have included the Eurmax tent as an option for our readers and because it is the 3rd best selling item on Amazon.

      Which one would you recommend instead?

      Happy camping!

  5. It is strange that you stated that the quality of the materials that the CORE tents are made of are bad. I agree with how annoying the zipper is, but that is my only complaint about CORE. It’s one of the most practical ones around that can withstand bad weather.

    • Hi, GK,

      Thanks for the feedback. We were referring to the fact that the materials are not thick and resistant enough for harsh weather. We are glad to hear you enjoyed our picks.

      Happy camping!

  6. Our family is always in a rush and just full of fire. I can definitely say that the Gazelle tent is the best one for anyone who wants to get things done fast. That is what we love the most about this tent.

  7. The Coleman Dark Room Sundome 10 is not so easy to put up. Not to mention, if you end up going camping on a weekend when it is damp and cool, then you are going to freeze. An instant tent that is only geared for warm weather isn’t worth it.

  8. Personally, I found the Coleman Dark Room Sundome 10 instant tent the easiest to put up. But like it said here, it is not ideal if you are going to be camping while it is damp. You’ll have to tough bad weather out if you use this one.

  9. We just moved to California, and even though we get some colder days here and there, most of the time the weather is good. I am glad to have purchased the Coleman Dark Room Sundome 10 because it seems like the best instant tent for this region of the country.

  10. I have heard many good things about the Coleman make and the Gazelle T4 but I have not personally tried either myself. I am wanting to get a tent to go camping for the summer next year. What is better for a family of 4?

  11. The Coleman Dark Room Sundome 10 instant tent is the one we are seriously looking to get. I will not camp in the winter or if the weather is damp. I will only camp when the weather is warm and this sounds ideal for that.

  12. The Coleman Dark Room Sundome 10 has gotten so many reviews as I have noticed this in other sources. I can’t comment myself because I don’t have experience with it. But I am looking into it. A lot of these reviews are mixed. Do you recommend it as a first-time tent?


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