Camping with Dogs: Tips to Enjoy

One of the coolest activities you can engage in with your entire family is camping. It’s a beautiful opportunity to help children, teens, and adults to get back in touch with nature. For dogs, a camping trip can be the ultimate outdoor adventure. Still, if you want to bring your pup along, you should research camping with dogs tips. We’ve made a useful list with dog camping advice to get you started. Get the insight below!

Camping with Dogs: Tips

Test the Waters

If it’s your first time camping with your dog, you should see if they’re comfortable with it. In other words, you should recreate the whole experience prior to hitting the road. Practice setting up your tent and camping gear with your dog around, providing treats whenever necessary. If your pooch shows recurring signs of anxiety throughout the process, you may want to consider leaving them at home with a friend or family member. We also recommend rehearsing commands, especially recalls.

Check for Pet-friendly Campsites

One of the most important questions you have to ask yourself is – “Where can I take my dog camping?”. It’s an aspect that many families tend to overlook and they end up on location with a large “no dogs allowed” sign pitched in the front.

In general, researching appropriate campsites is among the things you really need to know when you go camping. It becomes essential when camping with dogs. Call the campsite administration in advance to find out about their pet policy, as well as any other pet-related rules or restrictions.

Make Sleeping Arrangements

A significant concern that dog owners have before camping together is how they’ll sleep. While there isn’t a right or wrong way to do it, you should ensure that everyone involved can rest comfortably. Some prefer getting a dog camping crate, while others want their pup inside their tent with them. If you plan on camping with a dog in a tent, you should see how to choose the perfect tent for your family.

Pack Dog Camping Accessories

Our list of camping with dogs tips wouldn’t be complete without your pup’s own packing necessities. Depending on how you’ll be traveling, you should either pack lightly but efficiently or take advantage of your car’s trunk. There are plenty of dog camping accessories you can purchase, but you can also choose to bring only essentials.

For starters, consider the camping with a dog checklist we have created below:

  • Portable bowls for water and food (preferably collapsible models)
  • Leash
  • Muzzle (some campsites even require them)
  • Tether and stake
  • Toys (for play, but also for comfort if they get anxious)
  • Poop bags (pick up after your dog as you would when taking them for a walk back home)
  • Plenty of treats
  • Extra blankets and towels
  • Dog boots (in case you hike on potentially dangerous terrain)

Visit Your Vet

A camping trip with your dog calls for booking a vet appointment. In addition to checking that your dog is in good health for camping, you should also update their tags, vaccinations, microchip, and any other relevant health records. We also strongly recommend writing down contact information for animal hospitals and/ or veterinarians in the area you will be camping.

Extend First Aid Kit

Last but definitely not least, you need to take extra safety precautions. A first aid kit is a must for any outdoor trip. However, when camping with a dog, you need to boost your supplies to meet the needs of your four-legged friend. There are plenty of insects that your pooch can come into contact with, and you should be prepared for them. Furthermore, they can get hurt during hiking trips.

As part of our camping with dogs tips, we recommend that you extend your first aid kit with the following items:

  • Vet wrap
  • Tick tweezers
  • Flea and tick medication
  • Mineral oil for tick removal

We also encourage you to bring a pocket-sized dog first aid book to see what you can do in emergency situations.


All in all, the camping with dogs tips we talked about are sure to help you prepare for your bonding experience. As long as you pack for your pup and decide on arrangements beforehand, we’re confident you’ll have a wonderful time. If you’ll also be camping with youngsters, we recommend reading our tips for camping with toddlers too. Make sure you say safe and remember the golden rule of camping – leave no traces!

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