Best Over-the-counter Cough Medicine

It’s easy to reach for an over-the-counter (OTC) cough medicine when a tickle in the throat turns into a full-blown cold or flu. You may choose a medicine with the active ingredient dextromethorphan. Or, you may opt for an antitussive that contains another type of drug called an expectorant (dextromethorphan is one example). Some products … Read more

Tips on How and Where to Pitching a Tent

tips for pitching a tent

Whether you’re a camping professional who’s going out as often as possible, or you’re planning your first adventure, there’s really nothing like camping in a tent. While using an RV or trailer brings added luxuries, a tent gets you back to nature and allows you to spend time outside just about anywhere. With a tent, … Read more

Camping Checklist: Everything You Need for the Best Camping Trip Ever

family camping checklist

Camping can be a great opportunity for your family, or any other group, to relax, reconnect, and learn to work together. Unlike a lot of other vacation activities, camping requires the participants to collaborate to meet the basic needs of the group. On a camping trip, you will have to put together your own shelter, … Read more