Coleman Lantern Parts: A Guide to Fixing Your Light

Coleman is a brand that has been around forever, and it is trusted by many. Coleman lamps were built to last as well as light the night. Whether you are at home, caught in a storm, or out enjoying nature, you want your lantern to work when you need it. Should something go wrong, you want to be able to fix it. This might include getting Coleman lantern parts.

Coleman Lantern Parts

The Coleman lantern comes with various parts that make the product convenient to use, but not all of them are necessary when it comes to making the device light up. There are specific Coleman lantern parts that accomplish this task, and they will probably be what you need to replace to ensure the lamp works properly. These parts include:

  • Mantles
  • Pump plunger
  • Lantern globe
  • Check valve and air stem
  • Generator
  • Burner tube

What Each Part Does


This lantern part is responsible for creating light. Mantles sit at the base of the burner tube. They look almost like a net, but they are heat and flame-resistant.


This is the part of the lantern that holds the fuel. It is an essential part, and without it your lantern won’t work. If it gets damaged and can’t hold fuel or air leaks into it, your lantern won’t work.

The tank also houses other components, including the pump plunger, air stem, check valve, and filler cap gasket. All of these are necessary to pump the fuel into the lantern so that it will light up.

Pump Plunger and Check Valve

These parts of the lantern are important to create pressure. Without pressure, the pump won’t operate. The air pump pushes air into the tank so that the fuel is pressurized and can be moved from the tank into the burner tubes, where it turns into gas that is then burned. If there isn’t enough pressure, the fuel can’t travel up the burner tubes to light the mantles.

Filler Cap Gasket

This part of the lantern is responsible for releasing and maintaining the pressure. If you need to let some of the pressure out, you will turn this component. When it is tight, it will keep the pressure locked in the tank.

Tube Assembly

The pressurized gas and air are pumped into the tube assembly, where it travels into the generator and turns into gas so that it can burn. That gas then travels into the burner and to the mantels where it creates light.

Lantern Globe

This is the glass part that goes around the middle of the lantern and houses the mantles and other parts. It is heat resistant and clear, so it projects the most amount of light possible wherever you have your lamp. Despite it being heat resistant, this part can still be broken. Should that happen, it’s possible to replace this part with a new one.

Various Other Parts

The Coleman lamp comes equipped with various other parts. It comes with a handle for easy carrying, but this isn’t necessary for the lamp to function. It does make it so you don’t have to touch the hot glass to transport the device, but if this piece is missing, you can still use your lamp.

There are also a variety of other Coleman lamp parts that make up the various components to run the machine. Some of these are components inside other parts, so they may or may not be able to be replaced. Depending on the model, the lantern may or may not come with all of these parts. There are some general ones included on each lamp, but others may or may not be essential on all of the lamps.

The Coleman lamp has also changed and advanced through time. Some of the older models might have slightly different components than newer versions. When looking for replacement parts to repair a broken lantern, you will need to check the year and model to get the right parts.

Using Genuine Parts

Coleman creates many of the replacement parts needed to fix your lantern, and it is recommended that you use these to ensure that your lantern works the way it’s supposed to. You may be able to find other parts for less, but they may not work with your lantern or may cause other problems. It’s possible to find genuine Coleman parts online and in stores, so you should have no problem getting the right parts to fix whatever is wrong with your lantern.

Things That Can Go Wrong With Your Coleman Lantern

There are some common issues that you might experience with your Coleman lantern. Luckily, there are replacement Coleman lantern parts that can help you fix the most common problems.

How to Fix the Pump

Should your lantern pump go out, it will be challenging to keep pressure in the tank. This is something that can quickly and easily be fixed. Once it has been taken care of, you should find that your lantern works like new. To begin, you will need the correct Coleman lantern parts. For this job, you will need a new pump. Once you have it, you will follow the steps listed below to correct the pump problem.

1. Unlock the Pump

Using a pair of needle-nosed pliers, grab the notches located on the pump. You will then twist the pump to the left to unlock it.

2. Pull the Pump Out

Once you have unlocked the pump, you can then pull it out of the tank. You can use needle-nosed pliers to accomplish this task, or you may be able to do it with your fingers. Use whatever method makes you feel most comfortable.

3. Cover the New Pump in Oil and Replace It

Remove the new pump from the package and place some oil on the rubber end. Once you have accomplished that, you can then place it back into the lantern tank.

4. Lock the Pump

Using the needle-nosed pliers, you will insert the cap into the tank and then lock it by turning it to the right.

5. Coat the Pump Stem With Oil

Once the cap and stem have been locked into place, you then want to extend the pump stem and apply oil. This will reduce friction so that your lamp works the way it should and you can prime the pump without issue.

How to Replace the Mantles

The mantles are Coleman lantern parts that are responsible for creating light. Over time and with use, they will become brittle and less bright. This is an indicator that they need to be replaced. Below are the steps on how to accomplish this task.

1. Remove the Lantern’s Top

There is a screw on the very top of the lantern that will need to be removed to accomplish this task. You may be able to remove it with your fingers, but if it is too tight, use a wrench or some pliers to help with this task.

2. Remove the Globe

To remove the globe, all you have to do is pull it free from the base. Be careful with this step, as this part is glass, and pulling too hard can cause it to break. You can then set this part to the side.

3. Remove the Mantles

You will need a small pair of scissors to accomplish this task. There is a string on each mantle that holds it to the burner assembly. Once you cut those, you should be able to pull the old mantles free from the lamp.

4. Add the New Mantles

Once you have removed the old mantles, you can then place the new ones on. They have a drawstring top, so once you have the Coleman lantern parts in place, you’ll pull the strings tight. You can then tie them so that the new mantles stay in place. If there is any excess string, you can cut these with your scissors.

5. Prime the New Mantles

After you get the mantles in place, you will then need to prime them. This involves taking matches or a lighter and burning them until they turn white. How long this takes will depend on the mantles. You may be able to prime them with one match, or it may take several.

6. Put the Lantern Back Together

When you have finished priming the mantels, you can then put the lantern back together. You will slide the globe into place and then put the top back on. Using the nut, you will fasten the top into place. Try not to tighten the nut too tight, as this can strip the screw, damage the top, or even put too much pressure on the globe and cause it to break.

Benefits of Fixing Your Lantern By Yourself

A few of the repairs that your Coleman lantern might need are quick and easy to make. Doing these yourself will save you time and money and ensure that your lantern is ready when you need to use it.

These lanterns were made to be strong and durable, but over time, parts will wear out. Getting them replaced isn’t tough. In fact, there are many places online that carry Coleman lantern parts for various makes and models. They include parts for modern lanterns and for older versions.

Taking Care of Your Coleman Lantern

It doesn’t take much to care for your Coleman lantern. The most important thing you need to do is use the right fuel. If you don’t, this could lead to damage and the lantern not working. It’s also a good idea to handle it carefully, as the globe is made out of glass. Dropping it could cause this component to break. The good news is that if that happens, you can get a replacement part to fix it.

Over time, and with use, parts will wear out. There are rubber gaskets on the lantern, and they can dry out and crack. When that occurs, you won’t have the correct seals on your tank to keep the pressure inside the tank.

It’s also possible that the pump plunger can dry out and/or shrink. If this happens, your pump won’t work the way it should. These are often made out of leather or neoprene. While they may last for a long time, they will eventually need to be replaced, especially if you go for extended periods of time without using your lantern. This component is important because it pumps air into the tank. If the plunger is dried out or has shrunk, it cannot create an airtight seal to accomplish that task.

If you take care of and maintain your Coleman lantern, you can use this item for years. In some cases, you may be able to keep it for decades. Again, at some point, you will probably have to replace some parts, but this can be more economical and affordable than buying a whole new lamp.


Coleman lanterns have been around for a long time, and they are a trusted brand that puts out a quality product. Many people have used these lanterns to light the area when they are camping or hunting. However, they can also be used in other settings, such as backyard BBQs or in parks. They are versatile and useful no matter where they are used.

Despite their high quality, nothing was meant to last forever. Parts will wear out or may even break. When that happens, it may be possible to get replacement Coleman lantern parts so that you don’t have to buy a new one. Not only can this save you money, but it will allow you to hold on to the nostalgic value and memories that might come with owning one of these lamps.

Finding these replacement parts usually isn’t challenging, as they are available online and in stores. It may even be possible to find tutorials and how-to videos so you know exactly how to fix your Coleman lantern and get it working properly.

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