EZ Up Tent Models Review

This article will compare three different EZ Up tents each with its own functions and usability, making it easy to choose which will best fit your needs and lifestyle. Whether you are looking to buy a canopy for a backyard birthday party, a shelter for a windy day at the beach, or a shady spot to watch a sporting event, there are many tents designed to meet those needs. We will explore design qualities and features unique to each of the three products compared.

What Is an EZ Up Tent?

ez up tent

These tents are one of the easiest shelters to set up on the market. They can be used for parties, picnics, professional events, fairs and festivals, and many other occasions. With different sizes, shapes, and colors, these tents have several options for whatever the need may be. As a company that has been in business for thirty-five years, EZ Up listened to feedback and created each new tent with upgrades designed to maximize comfort and durability.

Each of the tents comes with an easy set-up collapsible frame, fitted fabric that pulls over the top of the structure, roller bag for storage, and stakes to secure the frame to the ground. There are also additional side walls, screens, half walls, deluxe stake kits, and weights to create even more ease. With every new product, they upgrade the tent and its accessories.

With each newly manufactured product, EZ Up always increases the level of quality and durability of the materials they use.

Product Specs

These tents are some of the strongest and most reliable canopies ever made. They include several standard features in each of the EZ Up products. They equip each of their Instant Shelters with collapsible steel frames, making complicated set-ups a thing of the past.


The EZ Up tents are priced to reflect the upgrades and quality of the product. The prices range depending on the features and unique design aspects of each product. Prices can fluctuate from these but generally remain in this range.

Top 3 EZ Up Tent Reviews

We picked three similar products available from EZ Up to see how they compare to each other.

1. E-Z UP Vantage Instant Shelter

The EZ Up Vantage provides 100 square feet of the shaded area. As with most EZ Up products, this tent comes with a fabric top, folding steel frame, roller bag, and spikes for easy ground securement. This EZ Up tent is perfect for craft shows, fairs, festivals, sports or professional events. They can customize the canopy top with logos or images, making it great for promotional events or an advertising piece you can use repeatedly. The collapsible frame is sturdy and can stand up to large gusts of wind.

The EZ Up Vantage is ideal for outdoor events such as craft shows, fairs, festivals, sports or corporate gatherings. Having the ability to customize the fabric top makes it great for promotion, marketing, or standing out in a crowd. The sturdy frame makes it hard to beat on a windy day by adding extra weight to the product.

This product comes with an improved auto slider pull pin for quick lock release, adjustable toggle legs, and high-strength end caps for increased longevity – a noticeable upgrade compared to previous models. It also meets CPAI-84 and NFPA-701 fire-resistant requirements, drastically reducing the chance of a fire breaking out. Its cross-truss reinforcements and many upgrades make it durable and trustworthy in many conditions. It is ideal to set up with the help of at least two people.

The weight of the EZ Up Vantage makes it difficult for one person to set it up quickly. However, the addition of the upgraded roller bag makes it easier for one person to pull on his or her own.


  • Strong, sturdy frame
  • EZ Up can print custom graphics and logos on fabric
  • Attachments available for custom rail skirts and flag accessories


  • Heavy steel frame
  • Not 100% water resistant
  • Small-to-medium 10’ X 10’ frame is the largest size

2. E-Z UP Dome Shelter

The EZ Up Dome provides 64 feet of the shaded area. It is the perfect canopy choice for a day at the beach, a picnic, to set up at the poolside, or any other outdoor activity. This tent has a collapsible steel frame and is made up of lightweight, flexible composite rods that support the dome ceiling. EZ Up designs the structure to maximize ceiling headroom. There are six fun, vibrant, fabric top colors to choose from, including limeade, punch, royal blue, splash, steel gray, and steel orange. The steel frame comes in four coordinating colors.

The EZ Up Dome is recommended for use at the beach, on a picnic, at the poolside, or even while camping. The dome structure makes it extremely durable in windy conditions and also maximizes headroom for comfort, making the space feel much larger. The design of the dome makes it difficult for water to pool on top of the shelter, thus causing less chance of leaks. There have also been wind flaps designed into the top fabric, making it easier to withstand wind while not retaining any damage.

This product is extremely lightweight, making it easy for a person to set up solo. The tent also comes with an improved auto-slider pull pin for quick lock release, adjustable toggle legs, and high-strength end caps to increase longevity and help the tent maintain durability, so it can be used for more than one season. These are noticeable upgrades when compared to the EZ Up Sierra. Like the others, this tent meets fire-resistance standards to reduce the risk of fire.


  • Lightweight
  • Water does not pool on the dome
  • Highly durable in windy conditions


  • Cannot be customized with logo or printed graphics
  • 10’ X 10’ is the largest size
  • Frame not as durable as other products

3. E-Z UP Sierra II

The EZ Up Sierra is a recreational canopy and the lightest one in this lineup, weighing just 35 lbs. The UV top protects from the sun and is perfect for backyard BBQs, picnics, bake sales, and sporting events. This tent comes in two different sizes – 10′ X 10′ and 12′ X 12′, is sold in two different colors and can be customized with logos and graphics. This product has an open-cathedral ceiling to increase headroom and maximize comfort. This tent is easily portable with the complementary roller bag included in the purchase. It also includes spikes to help secure the frame to the ground.

This is a lightweight tent, making it great for setting up solo if you are on your own. However, it is not as sturdy as the other two products we compared it to in this article, so you will want to be careful where you take it and under what conditions you aim to use it. The tent also has only two available color choices – one tan and one blue. The tan one is only available in the 10′ X 10′ size, not the 12′ X 12′ size. However, EZ Up can put personal graphics or business logos on the fabric of this product. This is one leg up the Sierra has on the Dome.

Further, the cathedral structure of the shelter offers more headroom and a bigger sightline. However, this tent does not come with the same extra supports built into the frame that the other two products we compared have, which makes it the least desirable choice in tough weather. As with the previous two products, the EZ Up Sierra also meets fire resistance requirements, drastically reducing the chance of a fire breaking out as a result of using this tent.


  • Protects from UV rays
  • Lightweight
  • Includes roller bag for transport ease


  • Comes in only two colors
  • Not as many upgraded features as other products
  • Not meant to withstand heavy winds


While each of these tents is ideal for different individuals, we believe any of the tents you choose from these three will be perfect for your next camping adventure! While the Sierra offers space, height, and the ability to personalize the tent, our personal favorite is the Dome tent for its innovative shape, ease of use, color choices, and mid-range pricing. Regardless of which tent you choose, we hope this article helped you find the perfect one for your needs.

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