How to Choose the Perfect Tent for Your Family

Camping is one of the most meaningful activities you can engage in with your family. It brings parents closer to their kids, all while introducing the children to the beauty of nature. Regardless if you have toddlers or teenagers, we have all the info you need to learn how to choose the perfect tent for your family.

We’ll walk you through the key features to look for in the best tent for families, from sizing to protection, design, installation, and more. Read more below and find your dream family tent.

How to Choose the Perfect Tent for Your Family

how to choose the perfect tent for your family

Choose the Right Tent Style

Thankfully, today’s market offers a variety of tent styles for camping. Options range from models that focus on width to those that offer extended height. Based on the requirements of your family, you can take your pick from the following styles:

  • Dome
  • Wedge
  • Cabin
  • Teepee
  • Tunnel

For most families, we recommend cabin style tents. They feature the tallest design and offer plenty of headroom and space in general for families. If you’re camping with a particularly large group, you can also try a tunnel tent style.

Consider Family Size

The tent you ultimately purchase will strongly depend on how small or large your family is. In addition, the ages of your children will play an important role in your decision. If your family consists of a mother, father, and 2-3 teenagers, you should choose a 6-person tent to make sure you have enough space. On the other hand, smaller families with one child can opt for a 4-person tent.

  • Pro tip Always go one size up when buying a family tent.

Decide on Number of Rooms

Another fundamental feature to look for in family tents is the number of vestibules. Depending on how old your kids are, you’ll want a model with a certain amount of rooms. For instance, toddlers or younger children will most likely share the same space with their parents. Pre-teens or teens, on the contrary, will definitely want a room of their own. Plenty of modern camping tents have vestibules with zipped-up dividers between them.

Pick Door Design

Most novice campers won’t think too much about the door design of their tent. However, the contentment of your family camping trip can depend on it. Families with two children or more will undoubtedly be better off with a dual-door model. Think about the kids running in and out of the tent all day. A tent with two doors will satisfy both the parents and the children.

Ensure Protection

As we explained in our guide with what to know before buying a tent, protection is essential when venturing into nature. The aspect becomes even more important when camping with youngsters. Firstly, the tent must have durable fabrics, sturdy poles, and a high-quality rainfly. After that, we recommend that you choose a model with a full mesh screen to protect small children from insect bites. Mosquitoes aren’t such a big deal for adults, but they can become very scary if your kids are involved.

Check for Storage Space

More campers automatically mean more space required for equipment and bags. Aside from what parents bring for the trip to run smoothly, kids will want their fair share of toys or personal belongings. Numerous family tent models feature several storage pockets for gear and miscellaneous items. Go for one of them.

Inspect the Setup

Lastly, one of the things you really need to know when you go camping with families is the tent installation. Quite a few family tents require two adults for the setup process. If you’re a single parent, you should opt for an instant tent or one that wouldn’t be difficult to set up on your own. Otherwise, two-parent families should look into customer reviews regarding the ease of setting up a certain model.


Now that you know how to choose the perfect tent for your family, you can shop for camping gear with ease. We encourage you to take all the tips we described into consideration to make your family camping investment worthwhile.

Remember – you should always keep the needs of the entire family in mind, from parents to kids. Do you know any other tips on how to choose the perfect tent for your family? Share your thoughts with other eager campers in a comment below!

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  1. I’ve never camped before but a few of my work buddies are planning a trip in the mountains and I wanted to tag along. Now I have to pick a tent that’s big enough for me, my fiance and our Labrador without breaking the bank #tightbudget

  2. My advice would be to spend a bit more when you’re buying a family tent. You want it to be sturdy and high-quality and these two things come with a bigger price tag. Also, look for a front awning and zippered windows to make sure you have enough air and light in there.


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