How to Pack Toiletries for Camping: 4 Easy Steps

Regardless if you’re backpacking or glamping, toiletries are a necessary part of your packing plan. You most likely won’t have that much access to modern bathrooms, so you have to prepare wisely. However, during the process, you’ll see that a few challenges arise. What should my camping toiletries kit contain? What should I leave at home? How should I pack them? Find out everything about how to pack toiletries for camping through our extensive guide.

The Process: How to Pack Toiletries for Camping

how to pack toiletries for camping

We have outlined the 4 main steps involved in the process of how to pack toiletries for camping below. Make sure you complete each one thoroughly for a safe, fun, and stress-free time outdoors.

Step 1. Create a Camping Toiletries List

If you aren’t a list person, you’ll definitely turn into one as a camper. From camping gear to first aid items, lists are highly recommended for outdoor preparation. As far as camping toiletries essentials are concerned, you have to find the right balance between useful and space-saving.

We recommend packing travel-size versions of the following items:

In addition, your first aid kit should also these toiletries-related items:

Step 2. Zip-lock Liquid Items

Sealable plastic baggies can help you avoid sticky situations. Nobody wants to open their toiletries bag to find that their sunscreen or shampoo has spilled all over their hygiene essentials. That’s where zip-lock bags come in and save you the potential stress.

Once your toiletries packing list is complete, gather all the items in one place. Separate the items according to their content. Place any liquid items to the side. Likewise, put solid items like toothbrushes or combs to the other side. Pack them in plastic bags accordingly, ensuring that you seal them well.

Alternative – If you want to avoid the hassle of numerous zip-lock bags, you can opt for plastic wrap covers. Cut a small piece of Saran wrap and place it on the opening of each liquid container before applying the cap. As a result, the liquid won’t be able to escape.

Step 3. Choose a Compartmented and Compact Bag

If all of your items are chosen and ready, it’s time to get to the basics of packing a toiletry bag. First of all, you need to have a bag that is appropriate for camping. The key features to look for in a good toiletries bag for camping are:

  • Size – You can imagine that your bag shouldn’t look like one that a makeup artist hauls around for photo shootings. Take some time to choose a compact toiletries bag.
  • Pockets – Even though your bag should be on the small side, it should also be smartly designed. Ensure that your choice is well-compartmented, with plenty of pockets for storing your toiletries.

After you have your bag, pack all the items as compactly as you can. Whenever possible, stack certain items or add multiple ones to a single pocket to save space.

Step 4. Double-check: Add or Remove Items

So, you have your toiletries bag all packed and ready to go camping. Or do you? In some cases, you may find that you added too many items, many of which are unnecessary. Other times, you may have left out something essential.

The only way you can know is by double-checking your toiletries bag the night before your trip. Don’t hesitate to go through your checklist 2-3 times to make sure you don’t forget anything important. At the same time, be aware that you really don’t need sophisticated toiletries on your trip.


To wrap up our tips on how to pack toiletries for camping, less is often more. Even if you’re tempted to bring all your bathroom essentials with you, remember that you’re going on a trip outdoors. We guarantee that nobody will be judging the way you look. All the same, you shouldn’t overlook personal hygiene products; they’ll save the day when you won’t have access to showers.

As a final thought, we recommend that you check out our list of things you really need to know when you go camping. You might be in for quite the surprise. Let us know what your personal top 3 tips on how to pack toiletries for camping are in the comments.

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